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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

A membership-based model that emphasizes/restores the direct relationship between doctor and patient without interference from insurance.  Patients pay a monthly fee to have a personal doctor who knows them and can handle most medical conditions.

Does insurance cover services?

No, we do not bill insurance. Here’s the explanation: In traditional medicine, we have seen insurance dictate medical decisions without the best interested of patients. Insurance primary objective is to lower its liability, not make sure the patients have adequate access to care. This leads to delayed care which is not what we stand for at GateWay Direct Health. Therefore, we do not bill insurance. We still encourage having health insurance as it can cover hospital/specialist fees. 

Why not bill insurance?

Insurance too often dictates medical decisions without the best interest of patients in mind. Their focus is on quantity of patients seen and minimizing cost to them. This increases administrative work on doctors and creates an overfull schedule which leads to  delayed care and decreased access. At Gateway Direct Health, our priority is quality medical care to improve health and wellness.

What does a direct primary care physician do?

Dr. Williams is a primary care physician. She educates patients to allow shared-decision making, emphasize disease prevention, and manage a wide array of conditions.  Dr. Williams strongly believes in the power of healthy lifestyle changes and will guide her patients in making the right choices for them.

Do you accept patients without insurance?

Yes, with open arms. Everyone, no matter your insurance status, deserves quality healthcare. Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you have true HEALTHcare. So please, schedule a meet and greet to see if GateWay Direct Health is right for you!

Do you cover specialists, imaging, hospital fees?

 No, the membership is for primary care services provided by me – specialists, imaging, hospital costs are not included. However we are working with local radiology and specialists who will provide discounted cash rates to Gateway Direct Health members.

Why don’t you accept patients with medicare?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide direct care services to Medicare beneficiaries as Medicare does not allow it at this time. However, we will be able to soon so please sign up for the waitlist here.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Hopefully you find value in us, and we are a good fit. If not, we understand and ask for 30-day written notice of contract termination. We will prepare your records to be transferred to your new primary care physician.

How do I know you’re a fit for me and my family?

Schedule a 15 min meet and greet by clicking here. We will be more than happy to explain the model, answer your questions, and assist with sign up. Please note, no medical advice will be given at that time. See you soon!

Why 3-month commitment?

We believe the foundation of primary care is a long-term therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient. It isn’t a great model for one-time visits. Therefore, we request a 3-month commitment.

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